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Update on FTF Directives for Multiple Physicians

Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

Andrea Stark


MiraVista has it on good authority that a clarification from CMS is imminent regarding scenarios where multiple physicians participate in the order process and whether this will be allowed under the FTF directives.  While we can only speculate on what the directive will actually contain, we are optimistic that the change will be a welcomed one by providers.


Currently, CMS has directed the DME MACs that only the physician that documents the FTF can be the one that orders the equipment.  However, the industry has presented CMS with numerous examples of instances where multiple practitioners can be involved.  One such example is a patient visiting a primary care physician with signs of obstructive sleep apnea.  After evaluation, the patient is referred to a sleep lab where the interpreting physician orders the CPAP and suggests an appropriate pressure setting.  Other scenarios are complicated in a hospital setting where multiple physicians evaluate the patient during rounds and the physician coordinating the discharge may or may not be the one that documented the prior evaluation(s).  Each of these two scenarios present suppliers with a predicament in the context of existing guidance.


MiraVista will continue to monitor for this development and will provide an update to our subscribers when the final direction is made available.


Still confused about Face-to-Face requirements? 

You are not alone.


The rules and requirements have continued to unravel since the publication of the Face-to-Face rule and many providers are still scratching their heads about implementation in the real world. Join our webcast “Face-to-Face in the Real World: How to Comply in Its Current Form” on June 3, 2014 at 3pm ET as Andrea Stark partners with HME News to discuss the Face-to-Face rule as it currently exists for DME providers and what to anticipate as we move forward.  Register on our webinars/seminars page.


An Innovative Approach to Obtaining Physician Documentation

Friday, February 17th, 2012

Andrea Stark HME News 2012Have you ever found it difficult to obtain required documentation from a physician? In this interview with HME News, DME consultant Andrea Stark discuses several ways you can obtain the documentation you need without alienating your referral sources.

“It’s important to time it correctly so that you’re [requesting documentation] while the doctor still needs something from you” – Stark.


To see the full interview, visit: http://www.hmenews.com/video.php?cat_id=2&v_id=260.

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